Sep 20

i might be hungry


ok i planted the cuttings i took from my aeonium [RIP] i used a cactus/succulent soil mix so hopefully they should stay drier and not rot out

the books i ordered are starting to arrive also i got walking with the comrades im gonna start reading it tomorrow im excited

animal animal animal animal animal

i havent read the letters to milena maybe i should

they only met twice


Qi Zai - the brown panda - at the Shaanxi Wildlife Research Center in China.

beauty pudge bab

(via forte-fievre)

my yogurt wound is mostly healed it doesnt hurt anymore

it wasnt very deep

Sep 19

Anonymous said: Can you suggest a movie? Maybe a suspense movie (not gory) or anything good I guess ?

hmm i dont watch a lot of horror type stuff suspense whatever maybe watch some hitchcock stuff psychos probably the most straightforward horror type thing, shadow of a doubt is good and weird and suspense type thing notorious too, torn curtain is good late hitchcock, if youre not looking for something particularly suspenseful vertigo is fucking great its one of my favorite movies ever

im hungry and my back is all stiff


i cut my finger open with a yogurt lid


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