Aug 21

boring nerd exercises


ok i followed some folks

now dont be freak fuckers be on your best behavior [crouches down and carefully smoothes out the wrinkles on your sailor suit] [looks you in the eyes warm voice] i really mean it tho for real


adactivity said: I think you'd like a lot of james baldwin you should read it all. Also Renee Char's 'the word as archipelago' I think you'd like that too

ive read some james baldwin just not enuff never enuff i remember when you recommended the renee char thing last time i’ll get to it i promise promise double promise

Aug 20

gut-groan said: uhhhhh i'm fairly good and sort of cool. up to you, well-wishes regardless.


i regret washing my hair

put that on my tombstone


dont fuck anything

i wanna follow some more people

like this or send me a message or something if youre cool and good

beauty queen teeth laugh

warm smile


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